Callaetics classess

Callanetics® and you

Long, lean muscles and a toned body

Arm stretch

Callanetics® activates and strengthens your deepest muscles, quickly tightening and reshaping your body. 

Change is rapid for everyone, but especially so if you’re new to exercising.

You can expect to see…

Re-shaped hips & buttocks

Toned buttocks

A flatter & narrower waist

Flat tummy

Toned upper arms

Toned arms

Better posture, easing aches and pains

Better posture

Spending long hours in front of a computer screen or hunched over your phone? 

Callanetics® will help ease the resulting aches and pains! These exercises can improve your pelvic floor strength and help support your lower back.

Exercises tailored to suit YOUR body

Callanetics® is for everyone. There are Callanetics® classes to suit all ages and levels of fitness. 

We get to know YOUR body and give you exercises to suit your needs.

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Why choose Callanetics®?

Callanetics® is low-impact and easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Forget long runs on hard roads, slogging it out on the treadmill or spending hours sweating in the gym!

Each exercise focuses on different muscle groups, making the muscles work harder and results come quicker. You use pulses – small, precise movements – to work the muscles. 

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Callanetics® online with Eva and Mel

Callanetics on zoom

We’ve been running Callanetics® classes online for over 2 years and we have it down to a fine art!

  • Online classes are easy to fit into a busy life. Join at a time to suit you: check the timetable.
  • Practise safely in the comfort of your own home. No travelling required!

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