Eva Mackay teaching callanetics

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About Eva

Eva Callanetics instructor

Before I fell in love with Callanetics® in 1998, I wasn’t into exercise at all. I just didn’t enjoy it. I went along to my first class simply to keep a work colleague company. The experience was such a surprise. I was exercising but I didn’t feel like I was exercising … AND I enjoyed it!

Seven years later, and three dress sizes smaller, I became a Certified Callanetics® Instructor.

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After working in Edinburgh alongside my master trainer for six years, it was time to bring Callanetics® to my hometown of Falkirk.

I swapped a 40hr-week working in the corporate world, only teaching classes part time, to devoting my time fully to Callanetics®, working with clients of all ages and abilities. In 2014, I opened my own studio and now also run classes online.

Callanetics® has been a part of my life for almost 25 years. Nothing beats helping people feel better about themselves both physically and mentally. In my opinion, it’s priceless.

I’m looking forward to what the next 25 years of Callanetics® will bring!

About Mel

Mel and Eva planning lessons

I was fortunate to discover Callanetics® many years ago and from my very first class I was hooked.

Callanetics® has helped me reshape and strengthen my body in a way that for me, before discovering Callanetics®, simply wasn’t possible or sustainable. It is the most efficient and effective form of exercise that I have ever done!

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Callanetics® is fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

The low impact exercises are challenging whilst still being kind to my joints and my body. It’s helped to increase my flexibility, providing me with a better posture and creating curves in all the right places.

I made the step to becoming a Callanetics® instructor to help people achieve their goals. No matter if that was just to maintain the level of fitness they already had or setting a goal and achieving a full body transformation.

I have discovered Callanetics® is so much more than just an exercise class. For me, its benefits are endless, enriching my mind, body and soul!

Think what you could discover on your Callanetics® journey!

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